About Us

Established in1978, Kops nursery is  spread over 16 acres of area. Being in an area which is typically known for large range of fruit plants Kops Nursery has a wide range of production, mango, cashew, chikku ( Sapota), Kokam grafts & coconut as well as supari (Areca nut) seedlings, to name a few.

Indejinus and medicinal plants are prime features of Kops Nursery. With availability of almost all the available medicinal plants which belong to western ghat (India). This section was started to make people aware of the medicinal value of common plants.

Lotus and water lily is a specialty of Kops nursery. We have many varieties of  gingers, heliconias and costus. Along with theses we have many good varieties of climbers, flowering shrubs, House plants, ground covers, palms, edge & hedge plants and spices plants.

DR. Koparkar is founder of Kops Nursery. He is a clinical doctor but they call themselves a farmer.  According to him, ‘The instinct and love towards plants couldn’t stop me and I started a plant nursery. My better half is  a botanist. She equally shares in raising the nursery.’